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Why Use Reflok?

A modern solution

Reflok® is a thoroughly modern solution to a traditional need. The substitution of mechanically attached compression fitting for traditional braizing, which has been used since air conditioning and refrigeration systems were introduced, opens up a huge range of cost-effective opportunities for the industry.

No need for heat

Copper must be soldered or brazed to effect a seal and this requires the use of heat which involves compliance with ever tighter legislation. Reflok® avoids the need for this and makes both installation and maintenance easier, cleaner and more cost effective. See Reflok in action.

A more consistent result

The Reflok® connector seals automatically so a leak-free system depends less on the skill of the installers and experience in the field says that Reflok systems rarely need any corrective action after pressure testing. This saves both time and money and keeps your customer happy. See Reflok in action.

A full range of fittings

Reflok® caters for tube sizes from 1/4 inch to 2 1/8 inch. This allows the contractor to install the full range of VRF air conditioning and DX refrigeration systems without the use of heat.

Benefits of the Reflok system

  • NO hot works permit required
  • NO fire alarm stand down
  • NO smouldering time or statutory downtime
  • NO fire extinguishers
  • NO Nitrogen purging
  • NO system contamination